Bamboo Toothbrush



Did you know that approx 30 million plastic toothbrushes are disposed of every year in Australia alone which gets stuck in landfill? Crazy right?!

Our medium bamboo toothbrush is a simple solution to plastic toothbrush waste. Featuring a handle made of natural bamboo which can be composted at the end of its use.

Although the handle can be biodegraded, the bristles being nylon, cannot be. Please check with your local waste collection services to find out of they can be recycled.

Simply either remove the bristles or remove the brush head entirely and compost. Better yet, collect these in a  glass jar and use them for spot cleaning!

NOTE: As bamboo is natural material, no toothbrush is the same, which also goes for the engraving of our logo, the shading will appear different on different brushes :)


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