Reducing the impact on our environment is incredibly important to us and we’re doing what we can to bring you a product that is packaged both securely and beautifully using either compostable, biodegradable or recyclable packaging.

However, due to the nature of the products being shipped, there are certain components to our packaging that is non-recyclable and we do what we can to minimise this where possible. These include the diffuser sticks, as well as the induction seals and collars that the reed diffuser bottles are shipped with. Those are there to ensure that your product arrives safely and is leak free.

We are looking into other environmentally friendly options to transport these 😊

But for now, please see the below for packaging information:


Outer Packaging:

  • Mailer Bags – Compostable and we flipping LOVE these! Made partly from cornstarch, these will biodegrade in about 6 months! (Please remove label, packing tape and pop them in with your household compost)
  • Cardboard Boxes – Recyclable
  • Care cards – Recyclable
  • Packing Tape – Biodegradable
  • Expandable Enviro Wrap– Compostable, Biodegradable and Recyclable!
  • Brown Paper Bags - Compostable


Reed Diffuser:

  • Reed Diffuser Glass Bottles – Recyclable (please remove all labels prior to recycling)
  • Reed Sticks, Collar & Induction Seal – Non-Recyclable
  • Reed Diffuser box – Recyclable (please remove all labels prior to recycling)

 Soy Candles:

      •  Glass Jar – Recyclable (please remove label prior to recycling, or better still, re-purpose the jar with the gorgeous timber lid! Just take a little care when removing the label as this can damage the surface of the coated jar). Take a spoon and scrape out the remaining wax at the bottom, along with the wick, clean it a little using warm water with a little washing liquid and you're good to go!

Body Scrubs & Bath Salts:

       • Clear Plastic Pouch - Recyclable under the REDCycle program at your nearest participating supermarket. (Please remove all labels prior to recycling). As our salts and scrubs have liquid in them, coated paper based bags were not a viable option (believe us, we tried!). Rest assured we are on the hunt for something more friendly to our environment that is readily accepted as a recyclable material.

 Multipurpose Balm - Jar:

         • Glass Jar - Recyclable

         • Lid - Non-Recyclable


 Multipurpose Balm - Tube:

          Paper Tube - Compostable

         • Label - Non-Recyclable


 Spray Bottles:

         • Glass Bottle - Recyclable

         • Lid & Spray - Non-Recyclable


 Bamboo Toothbrushes:

         • Handle - Compostable

         • Bristles - Non Recyclable (break off the top of the brush to dispose)